A mobile platform for an office chair that can be used in various indoor environments like homes, offices, workshops, studios, and ballrooms.*Chair sold separately, or install your own chair.
Vehicle Specs
Item Dimensions(L x W x H): 30 in x 28 in x 14 in(760 mm x 705 mm x 335 mm)
Package Dimensions31 in x 29 in x 16 in(785 mm x 730 mm x 360 mm)
Item Weight100 lb (45.4 kg)
Package Weight105 lb (47.6 kg)
Battery Capacity24V, 88Ah(Bigger sizes available)
Battery Charging Time5 hours (29.4V @ 2 amps)
Normal Running Time5 hours
EnvironmentIndoors, flat and dry surfaces0-2° slope
Temperature Range40°F - 110°F(4°C - 43°C)
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