Our StoryWe are a team of enthusiastic engineers and technicians who have been working on building automation and control systems for almost three decades. We love to embrace innovating ideas that can change the world and at the same time bring fun and excitement to everyone.One extraordinary idea that our team has passionately embraced is a vehicle that can travel in any direction, like a hovercraft. There are several omnidirectional vehicles on the market but only for limited commercial and industrial uses. None of these vehicles are built for fun and excitement, but imagine that they were and you could easily get yours hands on them. That would be a dream come true. Fulfilling such a dream is a challenging task, but with our enthusiasm and passion, our team at BEA Technologies believes whole-heartedly that we can accomplish this goal.
Our vehicles were just ideas and our team began our journey with research and development. We committed ourselves, working tireless hours for four years.
We completed the design for our mobile platform module, a mechanical device developed to form the backbone of our omnidirectional vehicles.
We completed a prototype mobile platform for an office chair that could be used in various indoor environments like homes or workshops. We named it the BEA Chair. A patent for the mobile platform module was filed afterwards. The unprecedented maneuverability of the chair prompted us to begin developing our next vehicle, the BEA Go-Kart. This model was designed to be driven in outdoors environments with flat surfaces, like race tracks. The first prototype has been completed.
We are continuously working to create more fun and exciting vehicles. We have only just begun and have many more projects coming on our production lines.
A second patent was filed for the high-power transfer electrical components used in all BEA omnidirectional vehicles. These components enabled us to build a second Omni-Kart with a higher profile for use on more rugged surfaces. They also allowed us to develop a larger vehicle, the size of a small car, with four wheel steering like no other vehicle you have seen. We are in the final stage of building an assembly line for the Omni-Chair, which is scheduled to launch by October 2024.
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